Arcane Der Brief – Fanfilm

Take care of yourselves. Together you are the strongest.


The Approach

The animated series „Arcane“ by the developer studio Riot Games in cooperation with Fortiche Production brings the characters from the League of Legends universe to our TV screens in a vibrant and diverse world. And in doing so, the series uses an impressive animation style to tell the story of the two sisters Vi and Powder in a hard-hitting, honest and thrilling way.

The Goal

Taking up this world with its moody atmosphere in a live-action film sounds like a fun challenge, which became possible with the collaboration of the wonderful cosplayers around Tingilya Cosplay. Since the project went into production directly after the first published season and another official season had already been announced, an alternative encounter between the two sisters was to be the premise for this short film.

The Success

The short film celebrated its premiere as part of the cosplay competition at Gamevention in Schleswig-Holstein. Afterwards, the fan film was released online with a premiere event at the Lost Level eSports Bar in Cologne and was celebrated with positive voices from the NRW cosplay community. By now it has been a finalist in the Red Movie Awards Fan Film Category.

Directress :
Kira Cesnik
Director of Photography:
Niklas Horn

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