Level Infinite Synced – Gamescom 23 Content Creation

To support Attract Mode Agency’s live marketing of Level Infinite’s mobile game title Synced, we provided a content team capturing photo and video content for the IP’s social media channels during all days of the gamescom 2023.

Social video

Daily video recaps of the gamescom days were captured at the booth by our content team.

@syncedthegame It has begun! #syncedgamescom #SYNCED #gamescom PS: Come and visit us in hall 6 @gamescom ♬ original sound - SyncedTheGame
@syncedthegame What a great day @gamescom! Thanks everyone who came by our booth today 😘 #SYNCED #Gamescom #levelinfinite #alienware #gaming ♬ original sound - SyncedTheGame
@syncedthegame When Ragna takes a break from nano hunting… #SYNCED #gamescom #sugarcrash ♬ original sound - SyncedTheGame

Photo Impressions

In photo dump impressions from each Gamescom day were shared with the community.

Photographer :
Sven Kubeile
Jonas Pardeyke

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