Aglet – Concept Video


so let me show you a little demo


A stroll through the features and unique selling points of the new sneakerhead dream app Aglet and a little glimpse into a future with OnLife.

The Approach

Ryan Mullins, the creative head behind Aglet, knows exactly where he wants to go with his app. So our approach was to let him guide the viewer through the current state of development of the app and present his ambitions in an outlook of the upcoming milestones. We accompany Ryan on his way through the streets of Düsseldorf and the stylish loft studio – after all, it’s all about streetwear and fashion. And that’s exactly what the app is all about: walking with sneakers on your feet, roaming the streets and acquiring aglet.

The Goal

The concept video is intended to present the state of the Aglet app in a compact way and show the team’s vision. Everything that is still to come up to the OnLife idea that Ryan wants to get rolling with Aglet.

The Result

Used as an engaging and visually appealing alternative to a Power Point presentation, Ryan secures a $4.5 million grant for Aglet in the investor pitch at Sapphire Sport to further develop the app.

Client :
Kira Cesnik
Director of Photography:
Niklas Horn

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