Marvel Snap – Gamescom 23 Live Marketing

With the PC release of the award winning mobile card collectible game Marvel Snap we produced content on the trade fair floor to supply the official Marvel Snap social channels directly from their stunning booth.

Social video

Recapping the gamescom days and the gamescom 2023 experience as a whole, different highlight videos were created.

@marvelsnap Finally a @Ben Brode #MarvelSNAP card?? This is a #gamescom exclusive! . . #marvelgames #marvel ♬ original sound - MARVELSNAP
@marvelsnap Aaand that’s a wrap! Announcing the #MarvelSNAP PC launch at #gamescom was an amazing experience for us all and it wouldn’t have been possible without your love and support! Thank you 🙏💪 . . #marvelgames #marvel ♬ original sound - MARVELSNAP

Interaction formats

With Jasmine „Veracity“ Kanuga as host the community and devs were interviewed at the booth for various video formats.

@marvelsnap @Jake Laser shares how he built the Cosmic Cube for the #MarvelSNAP booth at #gamescom . . #marvelgames #marvel ♬ original sound - MARVELSNAP
@marvelsnap We can all agree Anime Dreamgirl is most definitely an AMAZING addition to #MarvelSNAP 🔥 . . #gamescom #marvelgames #marvel ♬ original sound - MARVELSNAP
@marvelsnap Some surprising answers from #MarvelSNAP fans 🧐😆 . . #gamescom #marvelgames #marvel ♬ original sound - MARVELSNAP
Photographer :
Kira Cesnik
Niklas Horn

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